Passover Shoutout ThreadShare your holiday shoutouts! What’s your favorite Passover food/memory/tradition?
Religious liberty is completely unique. That's why we have to fight for it.
Lyric Crane's isolating experiences led her to become a passionate educator about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. A guest essay.

February 2023

Protests against the government have spilled over into the diaspora. Local Israelis discuss the crisis and why they think American Jews need to join…
A conversation with Tablet's Liel Leibovitz on why he thinks the American education system is failing our communities.
A rose by any other name...

January 2023

The Council was set to adopt the widespread anti-Semitism definition until anti-Zionist activists got involved.
Will Berkovitz to host "Jews Don't Count" author David Baddiel on the normalization of subtle anti-Judaism.
IHRA definition of anti-Semitism taking hold in Washington, a new ADL study, and a little story about Jewish geography
The kosher eatery could have been the centerpiece of Seward Park. Why did it crash and burn within a year?

December 2022

My reflections on the stories that made the most impact this year.
A motorcycle enthusiast who found community with Jewish bikers looks back on the ride.